Autumn 2014
dateline: November 2014
location: ctNova, UK and FlexiTon, Hungary

FlexiTon and ctNova announce CellTracker Centre of Excellence

In 2014, ctNova and FlexiTon celebrated eight years of partnership and collaboration.

We are now delighted to announce the creation of a new worldwide CellTracker Centre of Excellence (CCE), based in Budapest, Hungary

All new CellTracker projects will be managed by the CCE. ctNova will continue to provide technical expertise and second line support to the Centre of Excellence, as well as developing new features in collaboration with FlexiTon.

At the same time CellTracker is going to be fully integrated with FlexiTon‘s ARIADNE product family offering the telecom operators a wider, integrated OSS solution for the complete lifecycle. The combination will enable the operators to manage their processes efficiently from network planning, through implementation, operation and maintenance to site decommissioning.

The CCE will provide customisation, system integration, data migration and other project services for both CellTracker and ARIADNE turn-key projects.

The broader portfolio will address a wider scope of workflow management for mobile and fixed line operators as well as other industry sectors.

FlexiTon Kft is a Hungarian-Finnish company, headquartered in Budapest, Hungary.
Visit FlexiTon‘s web-site at
Contact: Mr. Kornel Kedvessy Tel: +36-1-4647703

ctNova Ltd is a British company, based in Leighton Buzzard, England.
Visit ctNova‘s web site at
Contact: Mr. Mike McPherson Tel: +44-1525-219700

CellTracker Centre of Excellence

Spring 2010
dateline: May 2010
location: ctNova, UK

This year started quietly - for about a week!
After a successful project went live in Dubai at the end of February we had a short break and then straight on to another project in Nigeria.
2010 could be our most successful year to date!

Some people are still have problems with email, so we have set up a new email address
(the @ctnova email addresses are still available)

Christmas 2009
dateline: December 2009
location: ctNova, UK

2009 has been a quiet year, but we have had our successes
Another major project went live in Kuwait in Q1
Most of our other customers have asked for anonymity - and we respect that

There's a lot of interest in CellTracker in Africa and the Middle East
so we're looking forward to a healthy 2010

May we wish all our customers and partners a very Happy Christmas
and a peaceful and prosperous New Year!

2008 another successful year
dateline: December 27th 2008
location: ctNova, UK

With two major projects implemented in Africa and another under way in Kuwait, 2008 has been kind to us
We'd like to take this opportunity to wish all our customers and partners a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year

Mail working again!
dateline: July 27th 2008
location: ctNova, UK

The email problem has been sorted at long last.
We're back on the original service and web pages are being served up much faster again.

Please use the ...@ctnova addresses again.
If you do get any more problems, do let us know.
We will continue to monitor the situation.
eMail support
eMail ctNova
are still available if needed.

Forum off-line
dateline: July 2007
location: ctNova, UK

We have taken the Forum off-line.
Far too many "users" with dodgy names and even more suspect web sites.
There is no change in the level of support.
Just email as usual and we'll get back to you with a fix!.

Ufone goes live with CellTracker
dateline: March 2007
location: Islamabad, Pakistan

ctNova is delighted to welcome another CellTracker user into the fold.

After a short, but intensive, implementation, Ufone went live with their CellTracker implementation 19th March this year.

Some 60 users throughout Ufone will be using CellTracker to keep track of the agressive build-out program scheduled for 2007.

Our best wishes go to the new CellTracker dbas who completed their training with flying colours.

Huawei chooses CellTracker
dateline: January 2007
location: Islamabad, Pakistan

ctNova announces that Huawei have chosen ctNova to provide CellTracker for the Ufone project in Islamabad.

This is the second implementation of CellTracker within Huawei - we're looking forward to the next one...

FlexiTon Kft Partnership Agreement
dateline: May 2006
location: TeleManagement Forum, Nice

Flexiton ( and ctNova announce a partnership to jointly market and promote each others products. CellTracker and ARIADNE form the perfect team for Network Roll-out and Network Inventory, Capacity Management, Transmission Path Planning. Both companies bring a wealth of experience to the partnership.

László Árvay (Managing Director of FlexiTon Kft) and Mike McPherson (CEO of ctNova Ltd) made the announcement at the TeleManagement Forum in Nice.

Mr. Árvay commented "Our two product lines are complementary and will enable us both to offer a complete solution to our customers."

Mike McPherson added "Individually both products are best-of-breed. Together they are a natural choice for getting a network built quickly and operated efficiently".

FlexiTon Kft is a Hungarian-Finnish company, headquartered in Budapest, Hungary.

Safaricom Kenya
dateline: May 2006
ctNova is proud to announce that Safaricom joins the select group of ctNova customers.
Safaricom has been using CellTracker since January 2004.

Telenor Sverige AB
dateline: April 2006
Telenor Sverige is the newest company to join ctNova.
"allt rött blir blått"
Under a previous name of Europolitan, and more recently as Vodafone Sweden,
Telenor Sverige have been using CellTracker ever since December 2000.
So, they manage to be one of the newest and one of the oldest at the same time!

Oracle Partnership
dateline: April 2006
ctNova has been appointed Oracle Partner.
CellTracker has used Oracle ever since it was first released in 1996. This appointment reinforces ctNova's commitment to the finest technology for its products.

Zapp Portugal
dateline: April 2006
ctNova is delighted to have Zapp Portugal as a customer.
Zapp Portugal have been CellTracker users since July 2002.

New look website launched
dateline: April 2006
ctNova launches its new website.

ctNova Q1 results
dateline: March 2006
ctNova announces sales ahead of projections for its first Quarter of trading (to end February 2006). After successfully negotiating two support contracts and two license upgrades, the future of ctNova is secure.

ctNova announces collaborative venture with ENC
dateline: March 2006
ENC Sdn Bhd and ctNova Ltd announce strategic partnership to promote CellTracker products and services in the APAC region. Mike McPherson, CEO of ctNova commented "ENC are well placed to represent our interests in APAC. Their offices are centrally located in Kuala Lumpur and they are very well known and respected by local operators".

ctNova acquires CellTracker
dateline: March 2006
As part of its ongoing product strategy, ctNova Ltd completes the acquisition of the CellTracker product line. ctNova now owns full IPR in CellTracker and is offering support and implementation services to new and existing CellTracker customers.

ctNova inauguration
dateline: November 2005
ctNova Ltd formally registered at Companies House.


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